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Speciality Frames

At Jalee Impressions, we understand that certain pictures deserve an exceptional touch to truly bring out their beauty and significance. That's why we offer a range of specialty framing options that go beyond the ordinary, providing unique presentations for your most cherished images.

Shadow Box Frames

Capture the depth and dimension of your special moments with our shadow box frames. Perfect for preserving and displaying three-dimensional objects or creating a layered effect with your photos, these frames add a captivating depth to your pictures.


Framing Fillets

Enhance the visual impact of your pictures with our diverse range of fillet options. Choose from an array of colors, textures, and designs to create depth, contrast, and a sense of sophistication around your images.

Multi Opening Frames

Tell a story with your pictures using our multi-opening frames. Showcase a sequence of images or create a collage that encapsulates a series of moments within a single frame, making for a captivating display.


Specialty Glass

Protect your pictures while elevating their appearance with our specialty glass options. Choose from UV-protective, anti-glare, or museum-grade glass to safeguard your pictures from environmental factors while ensuring crystal-clear visibility.

Restoration Services

Revitalize old or damaged pictures with our restoration and enhancement services. Our expert team can breathe new life into faded or worn images, ensuring they remain a timeless piece of your history.

At Jalee Impressions, our specialty framing options aim to elevate your pictures to new heights, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve. Explore our range of unique framing solutions and give your pictures the extraordinary treatment they warrant.

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