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There are many ways to frame your favourite pieces of Memorabilia and any collectables you may have.

  1. From, Double-sided framing, which allows you to view the item from both sides.

  2. Framing that is hinged so you can remove the item and turn it around to see the other side. This is done with Football Jumpers with signatures on the front or because you might like to have a change and see the number on the back.

  3. You can add photos, tickets, medals, and a plaque.

  4. And so much more.


Signed Collingwood football player jersey framed by Jalee Impressions

Our passion for picture framing goes beyond just the art itself. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty of your cherished memories, and showcasing your accomplishments in the best possible way. At Jalee Impressions, we understand the value that special moments hold, and we are committed to bringing them to life with the perfect framing touch. With our vast experience and expertise, we can take any picture or object and create the perfect frame for it.

Remember, size, shape, amount of items used, and different types of materials chosen can vary the price. If you are looking for an accurate price from any framer, it is always best to take your items to the framer to have them measured and then choose the type of framing materials you desire.
Jalee Impressions will give you some great ideas on preserving or just making your item look spectacular.


MedalFrame kit framed by Jalee Impressions

Take A Look At Our Memorabilia Framing Samples In Our Gallery

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